So Best Buy has the Moto 360 on sale for $179 and I've also got a 10% off co…

So Best Buy has the Moto 360 on sale for $179 and I've also got a 10% off coupon for any item… guess I'm finally joining the Android Wear club!


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  1. Daaaaaaamn that's a deal. Is that coupon exclusive to you? Worth every penny.

    Also: I wonder if that's a real indicator that the Moto 360 2 is just around the corner, there's been rumours.

  2. Yeah it was a one time use code tied to my bestbuy rewards account. Hoping the slow CPU and small battery wont be too much of an issue, still debating whether to cancel and just wait for the next generation of hardware with on-board wifi and GPS and stuff.

  3. +Sam Steele – one thing to note is that all Android Wear devices have wifi chips – they just aren't enabled via software yet.

  4. +Ian Lake ah! that's great to know 🙂 I wasn't sure if it was just a feature of certain watches or if all of them had wifi chips

  5. I've had my 360 for ages now, and the CPU has never been an issue (you simply don't notice) and I get a day out of it easily with ambient mode (which uses more) turned on. No problem at all for me. I don't see the value in the watch itself having GPS, that'll just drain it faster. If you're really into running and don't want to carry the phone, I guess it makes sense. But for this price, that's a no brainer. I almost want to buy another one. That's how much I love it.

  6. Glad to hear that. For the GPS, I was thinking it would probably get a better signal on my wrist than the phone in my pocket does.

    I hope the "ok google" hotword detection is better on the 360 than my Moto X, I'm watching a video on my iMac now and my phone has woken up 3 times so far 😛 Guess I'll find out in a few days!

  7. The thing about the hotword and the 360 is the watch has to be fully active to listen for it, and it's tough to make it fully active by accident. There are 3 states (with ambient enabled, which I recommend): screen totally off, when the screen is tilted in such a way there's no way you can be looking at it… Ambient, which is black and white and dim, perfect for at a glance time reading and comes on if the face is upwards… Then fully active, when you bring the watch towards your face. Sounds simple but it's really slick and the implementation is close to perfect, maybe 95% accurate. I think you'll really like it.

  8. Ah, I actually really like the always-listening mode on my Moto X, there have been plenty of times when I've done a unit conversion while cooking or whatever with the phone in my pocket and listening to the voice reply. I just wish it wasn't so easily triggered by background noise 🙂

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