Has anyone got the new Play Services credentials manager (smart lock) working with password-based logins yet? I can get the confirmation dialog to pop up when calling save() but when I call request() on the next launch (to test that it's saving correctly) I get CommonStatusCodes.SIGN_IN_REQUIRED and it just provides the new user signup hint instead of returning the stored password after I select my account

Is there something more I have to do in onActivityResult() after the save confirmation dialog returns STATUS_OK? #io15


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  1. Sam Steele

    Disabling my sync passphrase seems to have fixed it. So new question is there a way we can detect this situation in the app, and not offer to save passwords if a Chrome sync passphrase is set?

  2. Michael Bond

    I wish I could help, but I just want to say – I love how you guys are always all over the new APIs!

  3. George Byers

    Now that "Dark theme" is a thing on android M, I hope Irccloud integrate it so I can stop burning my eyes every night 😛

  4. Sam Steele

    Yes, we're planning to add a dark theme on the web and in the mobile apps in the future.

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