Hello, Pebble Time! Feels so much smaller and lighter than the Moto 360

The strap it came with is much nicer than the original Pebble's, but I still prefer my NATO strap.

The voice replies are pretty terrible compared to Android Wear. Much less accurate, and it censors swear words!


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  1. I'm thinking of getting one for my motorcycle handlebar.

  2. I was thinking about switching from my moto 360 to the pebble time too.. A huge concern for me was how the voice recognition is.

  3. +Rushil Patel the voice recognition on Pebble Time is terrible compared to Android Wear. It's very inaccurate and slow.

  4. Love my pebble but, dang its just so ugly and childish looking.

  5. I like the pebble time but those huge bezels, no voice control, and eh screen make the moto 360 better for me in how I use my watch

  6. +Alex Spinelli But it has voice control….I love my moto 360 as well, just wanted to point that out, unless you just mean it didn't work well for you.

  7. Do you need to do anything special to use a nato strap? you mind sending me a link to the one you purchased?

  8. Nothing special, any 22mm strap should work. I got mine from http://www.clockworksynergy.com/

    I used the spring bars from my original Pebble but you should be able to slide the ones that come with the Time's strap out and use those too.

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