Finally got Android 5

Finally got Android 5.1 on my Moto X and Moto 360!


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  1. The update on my X was PAINFUL. Also, it is all but unusable if you have a sim lock and an encrypted FS.

  2. Seems to be alright on mine so far with encryption enabled. Took me ages to figure out where Trusted Devices got moved to (Smart Lock device manager was disabled by default so I had to dig around in the Security settings), and had to clear data on the Moto app to get it to stop crashing every few seconds due to a permissions issue with one of its sqlite database files.

  3. 2013…

    The problem is, with a SIM lock and encryption enabled, on boot, if you don't enter the encryption password fast enough, when the SIM lock screen comes up, once it is dismissed, it puts the dialer lock panel down over the FS password keyboard and you can't finish typing. :/

  4. Also… Somehow it decided to kinda-uninstall all my watch stuff. It still showed installed on the phone, but watch faces and about half my apps disappeared from the actual watch after the 5.1 update on the phone. Re-installing from the play store fixed it, but still annoying.

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