Trying out a Dexcom G5 continuous glucose monitor today!

Inserting the sensor under my skin was pretty painless, now I have to wait two hours for it to calibrate. Hopefully it works!


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  1. That's neat. Hope it works and helps you keep on track.
    Love you

  2. I am looking to get one next month, and I was wondering why the screen isnt just your phone? What does the device do that your phone couldn't?

  3. +james wolf their software only works with iOS, so I have to use the reciever device until they release an Android version

  4. It just uses Bluetooth to communicate though right?

  5. Yes, the new model that I have uses Bluetooth LE for communication. The previous versions used a proprietary RF system. I have it paired with an iPod Touch in addition to the standalone receiver so I can try out the app too.

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