Typey Typey!

Ok, so I finally got around to making an on-screen keyboard for DreamZZT so that the percentage of the Dreamcast audience not cool enough to own a real keyboard or PS/2 adapter wont feel left out. Now that people can finally enter stuff, I can finish up the save dialog (OMG YOU CAN ENTER A FILENAME NOW!!!), and finish up the online scoring.

Also, the modem support in KallistiOS is coming along nicely, so hopefully soon dialup users will be able to access the online content too. Also, the code I wrote to read the network configuration from Dreamcast flash rom has been comitted to KallistiOS! After years of just being a “user” of KOS, I’ve finally been able to contribute back 🙂


Ok, since I can’t code from the living room anymore, I’ve moved the Dreamcast into my room and hooked it up to the capture card. This way I can debug stuff without having run all around the apartment. Anyway, I found a spindle of old cds, so I figured I’d take some screenshots of my old Dreamcast work. So as not to fill up everyone’s friends pages, click below to read the rest of this post (I’m learning how to use LJ! yay!)


Ok, so since saving is almost complete, I figured I should make an icon for the Dreamcast’s file manager. They’re 32×32, 16 colors (of a 16-bit palette), and can animate if you put in more thanone frame. Anyway, I came up with this cute little guy:

I’ll probably do something a bit more inspired later, but this will do for now. None of my previous Dreamcast games even have an icon, they just use the generic icon the filemanager provides, so at least this is a step up!

Here’s what it looks like in the Dreamcast’s file manager:

Isn’t it cute? I knew my capture card would come in handy eventually.


It seems there was a bug in the Dreamcast network driver. I’ve uploaded a new build of DreamZZT for the Dreamcast to the DreamZZT download page. Enjoy!

DreamZZT 3.0.31226

After almost two years of hibernation, I’m proud to announce the first new release of DreamZZT! Head on over to the DreamZZT section and check out DreamZZT 3.0.31226!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve updated these pages, and I’ve found a solution for that. I’ll continue to post important updates, release announcements, etc. on here, but now I’ve got a LiveJournal account, and I’ll use that to post progress on projects, as well as personal posts, etc. LiveJournal allows a lot more freedom than these project pages do, and hopefully it’ll be better at keeping you all up to date. So here it is, my LiveJournal URL: http://www.livejournal.com/users/c99koder. Feel free to add me to your friends lists, post replies, etc. I’ve started the journal off with a short history of my programming carrer, as well as an update on the progress of DreamZZT. Enjoy!

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