I’ve finally finished the back cover for DCBlap and posted it on the DCBlap page. Also, the screenshots and addons pages have been updated to reflect the soon-to-be-released DCBlap 1.0. Stay tuned for the release!

Worried about losing your FrotzDC saved games? Wish you could use your UNIX Frotz saved game on your Dreamcast? Introducing the FrotzDC Saved Game uploader! Now you can use your PlanetWeb browser to upload saves from your VMU to share with others, and you can upload UNIX Frotz saves from your PC and have them converted to VMU files! Check out the new Saved Games section on the FrotzDC page!

I’m currently transitioning the site to use PHP and mySQL to create a more streamlined look across the sections, and to ease maintainence for me. Hopefully I wont mess things up too much 🙂