K, so I haven’t posted in this thing for like a million years.

I got invited to join Orkut, google’s social network thing. I wont spam all of you with emails, so if you actually want to be invited, let me know and I’ll click the magic buttons on the website.. lol.

Also, my financial refund check came, so I can finally pay Capital One, T-Mobile, EZ-Pass, and everyone else I owe money to! yay! And I can pay rent, which is also good.

Finally, my job training for NJIT’s helpdesk started yesterday. We spent about 3 hours learning about the history of the department, the layout of NJIT’s organizational chart (ugh, bad memories of MGMT-390), and the names and positions of some important people that we’ll be quizzed on on Wednesday. I’m still not really feeling the whole phone support thing, I’m much better at doing on-site stuff, but at least it’ll look good on a resume, and I can get some more $$!