EWRSD called, they want their tech back!

So on tuesday I get a call from East Windsor Regional School District saying they’re short-handed and asking if I could come to work this week. I drove down to Brian’s and stayed with him for the past two days. His cats are still adorable, and I still hate his dog.

Last night we went to freehold raceway mall to buy “work” clothes, and then watched Scotland, PA with codymah, Gillian, and Gee. It’s a really good movie, and you should all go out and watch it.

Anyway, East Windsor is infested with pollen. Evil evil pollen. I haven’t been taking my allergy medication lately because Newark isn’t so bad, and that stuff is really expensive. The two days I’ve been in EW were hell, I couldn’t go outside without sneezing and runny nose and itchy throat and dry eyes and …

So I was tired of suffering and went to CVS. They were out of medicine I usually take (chlor-trimeton), so I decided to try Alavert. It’s based on the same medicine as clariton, which is completly different than what I’m used to. It has absolutely no effect on my allergies, however it does make me anxious, hyper, depressed, excited, and sleepy. The box clearly states “non-drowsy”, however I’m about to pass out I’m so tired…. I’ll write more when I wake up..

happy graduation gil!

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