Real Myst 3D

Just finished Real Myst, which I borrowed from Gil along with Riven. My desk is full of papers with cryptic pictures, numbers, and notes.

Real Myst is a remake of Myst, redone in real 3D instead of a bunch of Quicktime videos. The graphics are great, my PC at home here could barely handle it. They also added an extra Age at the end that ties Myst and Riven together better.

Yes, I’ll admit to needing to consult a walkthrough a few times, but I got through most of it myself. I’m considering reading the Myst novels if I can find them. Next it’s on to Riven, and then Exile.

I should charge him $15/hr…

(23:50:33) Crl247: hello I searched on aim for computers and found your screen name can you help me with something?
(23:50:50) Sam: with what?
(23:50:50) Crl247 logged in.
(23:51:08) Crl247: I think im crazy but I but i searched a computer site and found an insane price on a PC
(23:51:15) Crl247: it seems very unreal
(23:51:31) Crl247: has a 6800 ultra and FX-53 939
(23:51:41) Crl247: lemme give you the link
(23:52:05) Sam: how does asking a random person on AIM make you any less crazy? 😛
(23:52:12) Crl247: GAMER ULTRA 9900 PRO SUPREME
(23:52:54) Crl247: change the monitor to a 17 inch CRT and the hardrives to one 80 gb seagate drive
(23:53:11) Crl247: I got 1699 as the price which seems insane
(23:53:39) Crl247: and Cyberpower is a well known PC builder
(23:54:53) Sam: look ok..
(23:55:13) Crl247: the cpu costs 800 itself and the gpu costs 500
(23:55:39) Crl247: well
(23:57:30) Crl247: I was coniguring a 3500+ with a 6800 ultra on another part of the website and it costs 2100 bucks
(23:58:28) Sam: what do you want me to tell you? talk to the company that owns the site if you think there’s a problem with it
(23:58:43) Crl247: hey I have no problem with it
(23:59:14) Crl247: it just looks like an error to me and I want to know if it looks like an error to you
(23:59:26) Sam: it’s not my site.
(00:00:43) Crl247: no but anywhere else would try to sell that setup for 2600+
(00:01:10) Sam: so talk to the people that own the site…
(00:01:42) Crl247: im gonna just try to buy it and if they try to raise the price on me ill cancel the order
(00:01:55) Sam: sounds good
(00:02:49) Crl247: Ive heard of people making good buys off errors from website like amazon for graphics cards and the website honored the price till they changed it back
(00:03:39) Sam: *shrug*
(00:04:09) Crl247: you know anybody that knows a lot about building computers that could be of more help?
(00:04:43) Sam: talk to the company that runs the site
(00:04:54) Crl247: then they might change it
(00:05:20) Crl247: then iwould have to get a way crappier setup
(00:06:33) Sam: sucks for you, then. What would anyone else tell you? If you’re going to buy it, then buy it. If you’re not, then don’t. Talking to the company would be the most reliable source, or you can just purchase it and see what happens.
(00:07:26) Sam: Asking random people on AIM is certainly not the best solution. You don’t even know who I am. For all you know, I could be working for them and already changed the price.
(00:09:21) Crl247: lol
(00:10:00) Crl247: i was looking for advice thats all. You dont seem to know if the price is good or bad though.
(00:10:35) Sam: looking up the components on seperately seems to say it’s a good price
(00:10:46) Crl247: ok thankyou
(00:11:00) Sam: np