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of ants and squares

I’m watching an ant trying to climb a box. He can climb up the cardboard fine, but this box also has a sticker! And as soon as he reaches the sticker, he falls off.

It’s very amusing. He doesn’t have a reason for climbing the box, there’s no great rewards waiting for him at the top. He isn’t trying to go beyond the box, he could simply go around it. He just wants to go up the box. But he fails. Quite amusing.

In other news, the release of DCSquares went very well. So well, in fact, that I had to release an update today to fix a few serious bugs, and add a few new features that were suggested over at DCEmulation.com. DCSquares 1.1 is available at the same place, and I added a ChangeLog to the download page for anyone interested in what’s new.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Lets make DCSquares the most addicting dreamcast game since Puyo Pop Fever!

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  1. It’s great! And what it makes it even better is I got a highscore of 83,247. Would have liked to try it out on my DC, but er… everytime I turn it on these days, it just starts smoking. Filthy habbit, I say!!

    1. Indeed, you should get it a patch or gum or something.

      But then it’ll be all bitchy through the withdrawl..

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