768MB rocks!

Right now my PowerBook is running Finder, Firefox, Mail, iTerm, AdiumX, BluePhoneElite, XCode, MythTV, XJournal, WeatherMenu, Salling Clicker, MenuCalendarClock, and a few other random things, and I’m not feeling any slowdown 🙂

Yay for memory upgrades!

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  1. Now you need to run a couple more operating systems concurrently. You could be running some linuxes and a windows on there!

    1. That’s from my PIII 933mhz w/ Slackware Linux + Dropline GNOME, wine (crossover office), Basilisk II running MacOS 7.5.3, VMWare with Win98SE, and mono running a little gtk# app I was tinkering with.

      My Mac hasn’t had the fun of doing that stuff yet, but now that it has enough RAM I can push it further 🙂 Right now it’s just got Basilisk II for System 7.5.3 so i can play some old-school games.

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