Dear author,

We are pleased to accept your software for distribution on It will be listed on the “What’s New” page
on February, 9th, 2005.

You can continue providing updated versions of your software through the Author Resource Center. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at

Tucows offers a variety of promotion options for your title including Keywords, Category listings and Cost-per-click advertising. For more information on our promotion options, please log into your account on the Author Resource Center. There, you will find information on these offerings, and you can select and activate promotions.

You can choose to link directly to the preview page for your program.

As you are aware, each program is reviewed by our team and
assigned a cow rating. The following is the Review Report
for your program:

Online resources:1
Multi-player support:0
Skill/Learning curve:5
Variety/Pace of features:1
Reviewer’s recommendation:3
Reviewer’s impression:3

Total =36

30 to 35 points = 3-cow rating
36 to 41 points = 4-cow rating
42 and higher points = 5-cow rating

More information on our scoring procedure is available in
the Author Resource Center.

Thank you for choosing Tucows.

The Tucows Review Team

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  1. Woo! Four cows! Good work!

  2. Nice work man. I’m actually taking a game programming class this semester as well as a graphics programming class so don’t be surprised if I ask you for help from time to time, hehe. Right now I’m experimenting with CDXlib in VC++. Know anything about it? Did you use any wrapper graphics libraries for DCSquares?

    1. Nope, DCSquares for Windows uses OpenGL, DirectSound, DirectShow, and MFC. I’ve also used SDL a bit, it’s a pretty nice library too.

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