Well I’m making progress on my quest to play StepMania on my Mac. I now have an adapter that works perfectly with StepMania, as well as being able to produce the up/down and left/right doubles — as long as I use a real Playstation controller. If I attach my Mad Catz Beat Pad, I get no input from the joystick. Apparently it’s a known problem with the old grey Mad Catz Beat Pads, so I have to go out and pick up a new black one, or another brand. I’ve been eyeing the Red Octane Ignition pads at Gamestop, but $100 is a bit much for a soft pad, considering you can get a hard platform for that much.

I guess I’ll leave the grey pad and the Mac-incompatible adapter I got last time upstairs for my sister to use on the yucky Windows computer in the living room.