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we did our powerpoint presentations for NET120 tonight.. and I was the only person that had slide transitions, and had the bullet items come up one at a time each time you hit spacebar so you can talk about each one seperately.. so he wrote “Bold use of PowerPoint” as a comment.. haha. I don’t get it, does noone else know how to use powerpoint? if you’re gonna just have static slides, what’s the point?

btw if you’re really bored, you can grab my presentation from here

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  1. Well, I’m damn glad you didn’t use any crappy animations and annoying sound effects like every powerpoint presentation I see seems to do – I think they just don’t realise it lowers the professionalism of the presentation. Your’s however was swift, but not in-your-face. Woo! Well done.

    1. Haha.. yeah, it’s easy to abuse PowerPoint, but it’s also good to have a simple transition between the slides so the audience isn’t bored while you’re thinking about the next slide. I also find having the bullets appear one by one as you’re ready to talk about them helps keep the audience focused on the current point intead of letting them read ahead.

      1. Completely agreed about sounds etc. I find that I prefer static or very swift motion for transitions, and just having points appear instead of sliding in or anything. I find anything else feels unprofessional, unless it actually it actually relates to the feel of whatever the presenter’s talking about.

  2. Heh. I remember back in middle school when they actually taught us how to use PowerPoint in computers class… I think I was the only one who knew how to add transitions then, too… People are stupid 😉

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