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I feel like

Woah! DreamZZT and FrotzDC are mentioned in the O’Reilly book Gaming Hacks: 100 Industrial Strength Tips & Tools by Simon Carless. Apparently it was published in 2004, but I had no idea it existed until a random google search turned up the index from the book. Anyone know where I can track down a copy? I’m curious to see what it says, but I’m not about to pay $30 for it 😛

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  1. phearmymaddan

    Hah, cool! Congrats! That’s a great/weird feeling isn’t it?

    For me I usually had people tell me when I showed up in a book they read. Sometimes people would send me copies if it was a foreign magazine, and I actually had one company send me a copy of the book they mentioned my stuff in. Really cool.

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