MobileScrobbler 1.2.0 is released!

New Features
* Display radio station names
* Tappable hyperlinks for artists and tags in playback view
* Links to purchase songs through iTunes Music Store
* Show / hide the playback controls
* Display lyrics for the current song
* Improved playback layout contributed by Jan García
* German translation contributed by Jan García
* Split scrobbler into standalone daemon
* View artists’ upcoming events and add them to your calendar
* Listen to your personal radio and loved tracks (Last.FM subscribers only)
* Discovery mode (Last.FM subscribers only)
* Support re-buffering the radio stream, enable streaming over EDGE
* Cache metadata for offline browsing

Bug Fixes
* Properly handle inserting / removing headphones
* Properly handle unicode characters in log file
* Fall back to English wiki entry if localized wiki entry is unavailable
* Make sure certain unicode characters don’t trigger the search button
* Switch to xingmp3 for mp3 stream decoding, should result in better audio quality

It should be available in Community Sources shortly. Happy Holidays!