MobileScrobbler 1.2.0 is released!

New Features
* Display radio station names
* Tappable hyperlinks for artists and tags in playback view
* Links to purchase songs through iTunes Music Store
* Show / hide the playback controls
* Display lyrics for the current song
* Improved playback layout contributed by Jan García
* German translation contributed by Jan García
* Split scrobbler into standalone daemon
* View artists’ upcoming events and add them to your calendar
* Listen to your personal radio and loved tracks (Last.FM subscribers only)
* Discovery mode (Last.FM subscribers only)
* Support re-buffering the radio stream, enable streaming over EDGE
* Cache metadata for offline browsing

Bug Fixes
* Properly handle inserting / removing headphones
* Properly handle unicode characters in log file
* Fall back to English wiki entry if localized wiki entry is unavailable
* Make sure certain unicode characters don’t trigger the search button
* Switch to xingmp3 for mp3 stream decoding, should result in better audio quality

It should be available in Community Sources shortly. Happy Holidays!

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  1. Anonymous

    not on community sources yet

    I am really looking forward to trying this one out. It is not on the community sources yet, but I imagine it will be soon. You are a truly dedicated developer and I appreciate your responsiveness and willingness to fix bugs and add features.

  2. Anonymous

    In german now?

    just updated, but it’s in german now and i can’t find where i can change language.

    Other than that this rls is truly amazing!

  3. admin

    Re: In german now?

    it uses your system language setting. Set your iPhone / iPod to English if you want it to run in English.

    1. Anonymous

      Re: In german now?

      cool, but looks like german is default when your lang. isnt available. Had mine set to norwegian.

  4. Anonymous



    Thanks for such big update. I’d like to report that MobScrob doesn’t handle inserting speakers into dock’s jack well. I need to restart station to make them work.

    It would be awesome to launch app after iPhone starts / reboots / Springboard reboots – I think tracking music should be invisible 🙂

    1. Anonymous

      Re: Riddle

      You should open up a paypal account for donations…

      1. admin

        Re: Riddle

        there is a paypal donation link on the mobilescrobbler site

    2. admin

      Re: Riddle

      mobilescrobbler does start automatically. Are you using the latest version?

  5. Anonymous

    Re: Riddle

    My MobileScrobbler is continuing to “queue” my songs, but it isn’t scrobbling them. I don’t know what is wrong, I’m always connected to wifi. It loads up the song/artist page just fine when I’m listening to mp3s. And it only stopped working a few days ago. I think it has something to do with the fact I connected to a different Wifi network a few days ago, and now I’m back on my regular wifi network here at home and it isn’t scrobbling anything. Just continuing to “queue” my songs.

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