zombie-themed Oregon Trail clone!

zombie-themed Oregon Trail clone!

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The Men Who Wear Many Hats | Organ Trail
The Men Who Wear Many Hats are an indie game developer. We make indie games.

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  1. Dude this is so olde, Olde English seems modern…

  2. I would totally play it… um… if it wasn't connected to facebook… somehow I prefer my games offline, or at least not on facebook's line. I might rethink that if I ever get a useful portable computer thingy

  3. The link I posted isn't connected to facebook, you can play it right on that page. Though, there is also a facbeook version, I didn't even notice it until you mentioned that, since you have to scroll down past the game to even see the link to it.

  4. Ah! My bad, the hi score list wants to connect to fb for semi-obvious reasons. So once I don't choose 3, it's all good. Thanks for the link 🙂

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