Experimenting with the attendee table in the Calendar app to show which of your friends are also attending a concert, but I'm running into some issues:

• The Yes/Maybe/No section wont appear when the calendar access level is set to CAL_ACCESS_RESPOND as the docs indicate, I had to set it to CAL_ACCESS_OWNER in order to see it
• The Yes/Maybe/No state wont persist after selecting something and pressing the back button, for an event created by my sync adapter. However, if I manually create a new event in the Calendar app, the state will persist
• Pressing the edit button crashes the Calendar app for an event created by my sync adapter (CAL_ACCESS_RESPOND would avoid this, as the edit button would be gone)
• Attendees require an email address. I'm currently just setting this to the Last.fm username, and adding a matching email address to the contacts sync adapter. The "Last.fm" custom type email address doesn't show up in the People app, so this seems ok for now
• Even though the QuickContact box matched the last.fm username email address (as it shows the icon), tapping the QuickContact box pops up a dialog asking if I'd like to add the user to my address book, instead of displaying the QuickContact card

Anybody else working with the new Calendar APIs yet?

#androiddev #android #ics