Managed to get streaming to work on Honeycomb, though it's a bit of a hack

To celebrate, I've made the playback notification a bit nicer on tablets

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  1. Is that the "things cut off" issue on HC?

  2. Yep. For some reason, Honeycomb opens 2 HTTP connections when streaming, but our streaming servers only allow one. When the second connection is made, our servers disconnect the first connection, which causes the track to end prematurely. +Roman Nurik suggested I pipe the data through a proxy to enforce a single HTTP connection and it seems to be working, though it feels a bit hacky.

  3. Weird. Are you just expecting multiple requests with content ranges on the same connection, are are you using the Live Streaming stuff?

  4. We allow byte-range requests, but only connection at a time per user (ex. you can disconnect, and then send a new request with a range to resume a track). Honeycomb tries to create 2 simultaneous connections. No idea what the 2nd request is from, as only the first one is from the actual streaming stuff. The 2nd request doesn't have a user agent either, quite mysterious. Either way, since the proxy isn't multithreaded, the 2nd request just ends up waiting forever while the streaming stuff is playing.

  5. The proxy hack is just limited to Honeycomb's API level, so when ICS rolls out to tablets it shouldn't be an issue anymore.

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