Flashed the AOSP version of Ice Cream Sandwich to my Nexus One! No hardware acceleration…

Flashed the AOSP version of Ice Cream Sandwich to my Nexus One! No hardware acceleration yet, but at least it's faster and less frustrating than the emulator. ROM is available on XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1348670 though it doesn't include the Google Apps. There's only 4MB free on /system, but pushing most of the Google Apps to /data/app instead seems to have worked well enough for me.

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  1. Ugh damn you for posting this. So Gmail and such is still the old versions? How is performance compared to stock Gingerbread?

  2. Gmail etc. are the ICS versions from the Nexus S leak. I downloaded the Nexus S rom and unzipped it, then pushed the google stuff to /system/app and /data/app. Market doesn't work, but gmail, talk, and calendar do.

  3. Performance is slow, as they haven't got the OpenGL driver working yet. But it's faster than the emulator, anyway.

  4. Hrm, I'll wait then. Market is an obvious big one I need. I wish they would just announce a damn US date for the Galaxy Nexus already.

  5. Yeah, I wouldn't use it for anything other than development at the moment, I imagine they'll have google apps / market etc. working soon enough. I got the Market app to launch, but it gets an error when it tries to download something — I don't care enough to try to fix it, the Amazon Appstore works fine for now.

  6. Also, Music 3.0 doesn't work, as it requires OpenGL. Same problem w/ the Gallery app.

  7. Oh! I just checked that thread again, looks like they're in the process of uploading a new build w/ the Google apps already included, so market wont be an issue w/ alpha 5.

  8. How well does it work? I might want to flash it to a Nexus One I keep in the drawer.

  9. Ahh very nice, I'll keep an eye out then. It looks like Dec 8th for the Galaxy Nexus in the US so I have some time, and I'd love to start testing with ICS.

  10. +David Prieto it's a bit choppy without hardware acceleration but quite usable for testing

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