The voice commands in the new Netflix app for XBox 360 are awesome! Now instead of…

The voice commands in the new Netflix app for XBox 360 are awesome! Now instead of searching for the controller, waiting for it to turn on, and pressing A, I can just say "Xbox, next episode!" to watch the next episode of a show!

The menu navigation / browsing is still easier with a controller, though. When you're looking at a list, it only shows the title / description for the first item on the page, you're limited to just the the cover art for the rest of the page. Though, I guess it might be possible to use the kinect pointer to view the others, I didn't try that. Was just using the voice commands last night.

Edit: Just tried waving at the tv, and yeah you can point at the other titles on the page to see the title / description.

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Ugh, spent last night removing malware from my website

Turns out I had accidentally left a folder world-writable on my shared host and another user's account had dropped a shell php file into it, and that infected the rest of my php files.Had a bit of fun dissecting the malware after I had cleaned it up, though. The shell lets the attacker run arbitrary shell / php commands as well a connect to and query mysql, and the base64-encoded block of php that was inserted into all my PHP files checks the user-agent for MSIE, and then modifies the output buffer to inject a <script> tag after the <body> tag that links to a file that infects MSIE users.