I love these kinds of videos

I didn't realize so much work went into creating camera filters!

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Anyone using graduated neutral density filters?

If you do, or if you are just curious, here is a video about how Lee Filters produce their
hand-made graduated neutral density filters. I have been using their high-quality filters for years
and for me, these are one of my most valuable photographic equipment when I do landscape photography. And no, I do not work for Lee Filters. Although there are several brands that manufacture graduated neutral density filters, this is the only video (that I know of) that shows in detail how Lee Filters make theirs. Well worth a look!

Have a fantastic day everyone!

Had a bit of fun with redstone in Minecraft today

Made a lever that controls the flow of lava, and a button that, if lava is flowing, starts moving pistons up and down to look like a pump. If lava is not flowing, the button plays an error tune instead.