I love these kinds of videos

I didn't realize so much work went into creating camera filters!

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Anyone using graduated neutral density filters?

If you do, or if you are just curious, here is a video about how Lee Filters produce their
hand-made graduated neutral density filters. I have been using their high-quality filters for years
and for me, these are one of my most valuable photographic equipment when I do landscape photography. And no, I do not work for Lee Filters. Although there are several brands that manufacture graduated neutral density filters, this is the only video (that I know of) that shows in detail how Lee Filters make theirs. Well worth a look!

Have a fantastic day everyone!

Had a bit of fun with redstone in Minecraft today

Made a lever that controls the flow of lava, and a button that, if lava is flowing, starts moving pistons up and down to look like a pump. If lava is not flowing, the button plays an error tune instead.

Got album art working with the Status API, though the docs are a bit misleading

You have to append your account name / type as a query parameter to the content URI in order to write to the StreamItems content URI, which is omitted from the sample included in the docs (which throws an exception).Probably not going to include this in the app any time soon though, as downloading all those images uses a lot of data.

Looks like the Social Stream API is finally available! Going to try adding album…

Looks like the Social Stream API is finally available! Going to try adding album art to the Last.fm status updates once everything finishes downloading.

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