This looks like a fun idea!

This looks like a fun idea!

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Santa has over 250 lists! Where's yours?
Live Wishlists: #gplussanta

You are all my elves. Your job is to make this the best Christmas ever by giving people the gifts they desire most on their wishlists. Create yours and leave it in the comments below!

How to Create and Share your Whishlist for Santa
1) Create a public Amazon Wishlist:
2) Post your list when resharing this post!
3) Make sure your address is updated! Happy giving!

It's a very merry Christmas indeed! Many of you have already spread the cheer. It looks like a good number of people have received gifts! It's hard for me, +Secret Santa, to keep track of all the gifts given, but the Holiday Spirit is undeniably here. Don't forget to tell Santa if you've gotten a gift!