Am I doing this hipster thing right?

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  1. Dan Wilcox

    People still use ICQ? hm that's news to me.

  2. Sam Steele

    Yeah I haven't used mine in ages either, I wasn't quite sure what firmware was on it when I dug it out for the photo. It's some beta of Cyanogenmod Android 2.2 with a non-functional ancient version of Android Market. I had to download the apk on my G2 and sideload it with adb 😛

  3. Will Collier

    How did you share this on Google+? I saw no option on Instagram.

  4. Sam Steele

    Nope. Nobody I know does, anyway, but they just released a new version so I figured I'd go retro and install it on my G1 and apply a cheesy Instagram filter.

  5. Dan Wilcox

    Well cant forget the instagram filter. 🙂 Even when ICQ was popular I never used it.

  6. Sam Steele

    +Robert Cooper I didn't know you were a girl in the Ukraine (I think you typed your UIN wrong 😛 )

  7. Robert Cooper

    Err. That must not be it. I thought I remembered it. I don't think I have logged into ICQ in a decade.

  8. Sam Steele

    Yeah, it took me a few tries to even remember what my password was, since I hadn't logged in for around 5 years either. Also, ICQ! Y U NO NUMERIC KEYPAD FOR ENTERING UINS ON ANDROID!

  9. Eric Burke

    The last time I used my G1 was when I taped it to an RC car and drove it around our court. That was a lot of fun.

  10. Robert Cooper

    Actually, not that I look, it seems my account has been recycled. I'm not even in the directory anywhere.

  11. Alex Volovoy

    +1 not for icq but for G1. I'm so regretting selling it at one point.

  12. Sam Steele

    Tap the "…" button below the photo in the stream to access the standard Android share options. You also have to manually attach the photo, as the app only shares the URL

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