Slowly getting used to the insulin injections and measuring my blood glucose lev…

Slowly getting used to the insulin injections and measuring my blood glucose levels


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  1. Brandy Ellis

    Have you considered a pump/meter combo?

  2. Sam Steele

    Haven't looked into it yet, I was just diagnosed last weekend. This week we've been working to slowly bring my blood sugar to normal levels, I was ignoring the symptoms for a few weeks before seeing a doctor so it was super high! I was down to 232 this morning, much better than it was a week ago 🙂

  3. Brandy Ellis

    Congratulations on taking the first steps. The pens make things much easier already.

  4. Scott Spence

    What are symptoms +Sam Steele?

    Was it a sudden thing? Sounds like it, I'd like to know

  5. R. Scott

    I found out I was diabetic in 2006. It's a challenge at first but treatment has come a long way. I was even able to get off insulin for now by making some changes. Congrats on taking action.

  6. Michael Vaughan

    I just wish there was a finger prick test for ferritin and bilirubin.

  7. Michael Vaughan

    I don't, but it's usually an ordeal to get an appointment with my doctor. I'd have an easier time arranging an audience with the queen, I think. Then he refers me to a pathology, and they're over booked and understaffed, and only open at the least convenient possible times for me, and then the test results get back to my doctor and arranging another appointment is another huge pain in the ass. I usually go two months between a blood test and a venesection (I have haemochromatosis), by which time it's probably well overdue. It's not as serious as it used to be, though, so I haven't had to do it in more than a year.

  8. Peter Terren

    +Michael Vaughan You're in Qld. Get the Dr to sign the ferritin request as Rule 3 exemption and you can get it when you need and as many times, saving that extra visit. Also you can visit any lab with anyones request form (new rules). At least you can in WA. Local blood transfusion service runs a haemochromatosis clinic here. Doctor is only peripherally involved.
    No Dr wait here. I'm a specialist 2 weeks wait tops but I can easily spend 2h with a new patient to be really thorough.
    Can't see any reason for a Bilirubin at all.

  9. Michael Vaughan

    I'm doubly lucky. Gilbert's Cell Anemia, I think my doctor called it.

  10. Peter Terren

    Gilberts is a nothing disease and you don't need to measure bilirubin. It doesn't make you unwell. Forget about it.

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