Damn you, Apple!

iPod Shuffle. 512MB, $99, free shipping. Just ordered one. I only have 546MB of music, so I can’t justify buying one of the regular iPods, nor can I afford one, but iPod Shuffle is perfect for me 🙂

Must resist urge to buy a Mac Mini


DCSquares 1.4 received its first review on MacUpdate!

Features: 2 stars Playability: 5 stars Graphics & Sound: 3 stars Stability: 4 stars

Groovy! Very reminiscent of Crystal Quest (one of my favorite games as a teenager). Laptop users, plug in a mouse — playing with a trackpad is tough.

The graphics are simple, and it’s jarring having only one life, but gameplay is excellent and the soundtrack is hypnotic. A full-screen mode would be nice, along with more interesting themes.
(12/27/2004, Version: 1.4)

Yay! 🙂

Where are the wires?

W00t! Hi from the living room! This is the first time my PowerBook has been wireless in my house. I set up one of my linux machines as a bluetooth access point. It’s not nearly as fast as wifi, but I’m still not about to drop a hundred bucks on a new router.

Lickable Squares

The Mac version of DCSquares is starting to catch up to the Windows version again:

768MB rocks!

Right now my PowerBook is running Finder, Firefox, Mail, iTerm, AdiumX, BluePhoneElite, XCode, MythTV, XJournal, WeatherMenu, Salling Clicker, MenuCalendarClock, and a few other random things, and I’m not feeling any slowdown 🙂

Yay for memory upgrades!

You win this time, Apple

So my PowerBook finally convinced me to get more memory (256MB RAM was just not enough for what I need it for). Crucial currently has free next-day shipping, so it arrived yesterday morning!

Yay, an extra 512MB now. That should be plenty.

Welcome to Macintosh.

Powerbook, meet LiveJournal.

LiveJournal, meet PowerBook:

He’s a 12-inch 1.33Ghz G4 PowerBook with 256MB RAM, 60GB harddrive, and a SuperDrive (CD-RW and DVD-ROM), and he arrived monday!

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