Damn you, Apple!

iPod Shuffle. 512MB, $99, free shipping. Just ordered one. I only have 546MB of music, so I can’t justify buying one of the regular iPods, nor can I afford one, but iPod Shuffle is perfect for me 🙂

Must resist urge to buy a Mac Mini

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  1. All this Mac news! Both the Mac Mini and the iPod Shuffle look very nice – I’m thinking about getting one, but heck, I’m not impuslive enough to buy one without thinking twice. £69 for 512mb of USB music goodness is pretty good, but well, I don’t have that kind of money. Its my birthday on Friday, so maybe I’ll get some cash – muahahaha! But probably not, since it looks like most of the money I’m getting is going towards driving-lessons.

    1. Happy Birthday 🙂 Birthday cash rocks, but driving lessons are definatly more useful than an iPod. I mainly got it ’cause radio has been sucking hardcore lately, and my 64MB “iRock” mp3 player is practically useless, so I end up just turning the radio off and driving in silence.

      But soon I’ll turn into a silhouette with white earbud headphones! Well probably not, I hate earbud headphones.. I’ll be using my cassette adapter 🙂

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