I have japanese candy!

My favorite two are banana choco, and the cola-flavored puccho. Banana choco is like those hard banana candies we have here, except there’s chocolate inside! And the cola-flavored puccho has a crunchy fizzy thing in the middle that um.. enhances the cola experience?

Candy Blocks

The yellow candy blocks taste like candy cigarettes. Remember when cigarettes were cool? I haven’t had a candy cigarette in a long time, do they even still make them?

Candy ♥

Carly and Gil both got me the same thing for my birthday: candy shaped like LEGO blocks!

I spent the morning building with them and eating them, and I uploaded some pics to flickr.

I also used some of my birthday money to upgrade to a Flickr pro account, so I can have more than 3 photo sets now 🙂