IM formatting test

Sam: This is a test.
World: A test?
Sam: Yes.
Sam: A Test.
World: What are you testing?
Sam: I’m testing the automatic colorization of IM logs.
World: The hell you say??
Sam: I wrote some code for my LiveJournal S2 style that should automatically format any entry tagged “chat”.
World: But I don’t see any colors?
Sam: If you’re viewing this through your friends page, this text should look normal.
Sam: But, if you view it from or, it should look all pretty.
World: Hey! That’s pretty cool!

Weapon of mass confusion

Sohail: hey you might know how to fix this
Sohail: so i was taring some files today and
Sohail: the first group of files i tared i tared wrong
Sohail: so when i went to fix my mistake all but one of the files fixed themselves
Sohail: and no matter what i try it wont fix its self
Sohail: any ideas?
Sam: I have no idea what you just said.


Sohail: mac:/ exphyl$ sudo dd if=/Volumes/”Ubuntu 5.10 i386″ of=/ubuntu.iso
4+0 records in
4+0 records out
2048 bytes transferred in 0.000714 secs (2868092 bytes/sec)
Sohail: what am I doing wrong?
Sam: putting quotes in the middle of a filename.
Sam: also, specifiying a directory as a device.
Sam: and finally, using dd instead of Disk Utility.


Sohail: naa, i was breastfed, she’s got a rack

A wise man once said…

Jay: well
Jay: it’s like how there’s lesbians, then there’s butch lesbians
Jay: lesbians you’re like “Awwww how cute, lesbians”
Jay: then butch lesbians you’re like “PMG DONT HURT ME PLZ”