RIP Fitbit Sense

The hot and humid weather last week melted the adhesive that holds my watch together. 😭

I got the replacement plan this time, after the same thing happened a few years ago to my Fitbit Ionic. Just waiting for them to process the claim and send me a replacement.


Over the weekend, I wrote an app for Fitbit OS 5.x smart watches to display the most recent reading from a Freestyle Libre glucose sensor via the LibreLinkUp API.


#fitbit #diabetes #programming #typescript #smartwatch #opensource​

Fitbit Sense ⌚️

The Fitbit Ionic I’ve been wearing for several years got recalled last week, apparently the battery could overheat and burn users. Time for an upgrade!

The Sense feels a lot lighter and more comfortable than the Ionic, but it’s going to take a little while to get used to not having any physical buttons.