ok, so FedEx brought us an extra-special present today, our no-solder PS2 mod chip! It’s pretty neat, we just pop in the Magic Swap 2.0 disc, wait for it to say “Insert Disc”, hold down the eject button and throw in DDR Extreme and push X!

Jay and I have been playing DDR Extreme all day. It doesn’t have as many songs as the Arcade version, but it still has a lot! It also has the cutest backgrounds ever! The dancing cactuses and the latin guys with the maraccas just crack me up!

Anyway, it doesn’t work with Playstation 1 games, so next time at home I’m gonna grab my GameShark so we can do the PS1 swap trick. Maybe at some point we’ll get a real mod chip for the PS1 too, but since we’re all poor this solution works for now 🙂