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I hate being broke

Well, I’ve been putting it off all month but… my Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 Linux PDA is now on eBay so I can pay this month’s rent. I bought it a few years ago from Staples. The guy that sold it to me was really cute, and he was all like “You know it runs linux, right?” and I’m all like “yeah.”. Of course, Staples no longer sells PDAs, so I wonder what happened to the cute guy that used to be behind the counter. Perhaps he’s unemployed like me.

Anyway, it’s been really fun. Because it runs Linux, there are so many things it could do. Something about knowing I could have a wifi webserver in my pocket was just really cool.

Anyway, I hope someone buys it. eBay charged me $3.50 to list it, which they’ll take from my credit card at an undisclosed time. With my luck, this will be after interest has accrued for the month, pushing me over my limit, and giving me a nice $30 over limit fee. yay. <sarcasm>I bet my credit report is in amazing shape now</sarcasm>


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  1. oh man, i feel your pain

    the zaurus is one of the very few machines that continues to tempt me away from my psion 3c… i have used a 3a and then a 3c for 7 years or so and i keep my eyes open for a great psion 5 deal, but, miss mary loves her 3a and i would like to stay compatible with each other…
    someday we may make the leap to another platform, but, can’t bear palm and i am really not sold on pocketpc, and too lazy and too pleased with psion to start all over again doing the in-depth research on the rest… not to mention converting over countless files, databases, giving up much loved, long-used apps and having to get used to new stuff, etc….

    anyway, my condolences, there is little worse than giving up a handheld… “my second brain”, “my whole life is in there”, the sorts of things i say often and have for years… dreamcast is fun and all, but, i could not give up my palmtop…


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