Yay picture time omgomgomg!!

Ok, so I get up all early to go have “brunch” with my family at home. There was like noone on the turnpike, which made getting there easy. Anyway, my parents got one of those new fiber-optic trees. It looks kinda pretty, but I still don’t like the laziness factor. Anyway, here’s a pic of my cat in front of the tree:

So we do the whole brunch thing, I had a bagel. They had cream cheese with lox already in it, again with the lazy… anyway, it was good, some people I didn’t know came over, as did my mom’s boyfriend and his kids.

We opened our presents, I got money from my mom and my grandma, so now I can pay rent! Yay! My sister got me an Iron Chef calendar, which r0x0rz times ten. I also got a new toothbrush, and a little FM radio w/ builtin flashlight. My sister got a Brak sing-along radio, which was pretty cool.

Afterwards, I had to go to cranbury to help a lady with her computer. It was just little things like “why does this happen?” “because it’s microsoft” kinds of things, and plugging in her scanner and stuff.

Next, I was off to Brian’s. He got the same phone I did (he’s such a drone…) and we played around with our phones for a while (we’re such geeks). Anyway, here’s a pic of Brian trying to get a picture of his dog:

Aren’t they cute? Afterwards, I came back to newark exhausted (getting up at 9am! crazyness I tell you!) and collapse on my bed.

I wake up the next morning to someone hammering. I was dreaming about looking for a job in Newark, but the scenery was all pretty, unlike the real newark. We were riding in a maglev (or some other kind of raised-track) train around the city, and I spotted a place I hadn’t applied to yet, so I got off at the next station. I was apparently supposed to show the security guard my ticket but I forgot, so he chased me down, and took me to his supervisor’s office. because the whole train thing was raised, the building was up high, and the view from the supervisor’s office was so pretty. I could see my apartment building, and lots of other tall towers, and the ground was a red cobblestone kind of thing with gardens in it. Perhaps I’ll break out Bryce3D sometime and do a mockup, it was very nice. It was at this point that I was rudely awaken at 9:30AM. So I drag myself to my computer and check my IMs and notice that sohail has been desperatly trying to contact me, ’cause his server got hacked and he’s stuck.

So I drag myself back down to East Windsor again, on the condition that he give me money for gas. Now, most of you haven’t seen what I’m like when I don’t get enough sleep, but Jay has, and he can verify that I’m a little “weird” to say the least. So, while we’re trying to reinstall the OS on his server, I’m looking through everything on all his bookshelves. One of the things I found was a book (duh!):

Now, this isn’t just an ordinary book. From the cover, which has farsi on it, you’d think that the whole book was written in Farsi, right? Wrong!

It’s completly in english! I thought this was the funniest thing ever, probably because of the lack of sleep.

I also found a disk for MS-DOS, and a picture of the AOL running man:

After that, I found a cd that was labeled in yellow highlighter on white paper:

I asked sohail, “Why would someone use yellow highlighter on white paper?” and his reply was “Because she’s pregnant”. That was funnier than the book.

After failing miserably with his server (the disk head crashed or melted or something else equally unhealthy for a harddrive) we went to Scotto’s Risteronte Italiano, which is my uber-favorite pizza place in east windsor. On the way in, I noticed that Wang Labs, which has a building at the intersection of 571 and old trenton rd., has moved into the twin rivers shopping center, and has a huge sign up that says “WANG”. Sadly it was a back-lit sign and the contrast was too much for my phone, so I couldn’t get a good shot. Sohail promised to get a picture with his digital camera at some point for me, but I felt I had to share this important piece of information now, because it says “wang”.

Ok, so I finally finish up with sohail, and Brian invites me to spend the night at his place ’cause I’m really tired and probably wouldn’t make it back to Newark in once piece. So Brian, Caroline, Stephi (sorry if I misspelled it, she’s foreign), and I watched Pirates of the Carribean and went to sleep. Yet again, I’m rudely awaken by Brian’s mom kicking me! She thought I was brian, and she wanted him to be awake and spend time with his family that decided to visit that morning.

After several more rude awakenings by members of Brian’s family (no more kicks, thankfully), Brian and I got up so we could go ride his family’s ATVs. Many of you are not familiar with the ruralness of East Windsor, but we have plenty of forest, and apparently straight people have fun by riding around in them really fast. It was fun, but it was also very wet and muddy. Since my pants were all muddy and eww, Brian gave me a pair of his jeans to wear. I guess Jay’s right, it really is easy to get into Brian’s pants 😛 Anyway, I’m surprised the fit since he’s much skinnier than me, but they did and all was well again. By then, Caroline and Stephi had woken up and cleaned Brian’s room for him (so that’s what female friends are for! We should get some for our apartment, too!), we all talked for a while, got food, and went to the mall. It was boring, so I wont go into it. We got back and raided brian’s fridge. I ate almost all of their ham, and Caroline made me chicken parmesan with these frozen chicken patty things + american cheese (again, we need a chixx0r friend). It was good. We talked more, played with the dog, and I came home. Yay, Christmas is over!! gg no re, Santa!