Jay and I had some fun terrorizing Scott’s development, and the neighboring development while waiting for scott to come back.

We drove around the development, and discovered that they have a TON of circles! So I went around ’em the wrong way.

Next we found a spot that was up on a little hill labeled “Compact Cars Only”.

Now, if the one way signs hadn’t stopped me, this parking space sign certainly wouldn’t either. I’m pretty sure my big-ass 1992 Mercury Sable LS isn’t a “compact” car, but it seemed to fit in the spot ok:

Next we went to terrorize the neighboring development on the other side of the bridge. Drove into a lot of dead ends (which aren’t marked, thank-you-very-much!), but we found a set of drawers that were being thrown out, and they were stacked up pretty high. I wanted to knock ’em over with my car, but there were too many other people around 🙁

We start heading back to scott’s development when jay says he saw a kitty on a mailbox! So I stop in the middle of the street and go into reverse (we were the only people on the street, obviously, but I have seen someone go in reverse on highway rt. 33! That was scary..), I almost took out someone’s mailbox ’cause I wasn’t looking, but we finally get back to where the kitty was:

Isn’t it adorable? If we had a mailbox in newark, I’d want it to be like that!

Finally, I was taking pictures of like a million beanie babies for Scott to sell on ebay (Buy something plzkthx), I had to share at least one (taken with my phone, obviously, not with the real camera I use):

Isn’t it cute?