“Gays and republicans. What a bunch of drama queens”

There are few shows on right now that actually make me laugh out loud (sadly, Fox’s Laugh out Loud Sunday(TM) isn’t included), and Whoopi is certainly one of them. Tonight’s episode was about gay (well, lesbian) marriage, and it was HILARIOUS. They had a republican convention in the next room..

Republican: “Excuse me, but some of us are offended by this..”
Whoopi: “Excuse me, but some of us are offended by President Bush.”

And when they were deciding where each guest would go, it went something like this:
Woman: “I’m here for the marriage”
Whoopi: “Go in that room”

Man: “I’m here for the republican party convention”
Whoopi: “That room over there”
Woman: “I’m here for the bush event”
*audience cracks up, me included*
Whoopi: “… could you be more specific?”


It was amazing, I wish I had taped it. Perhaps I’ll snag it off kazaa later or something.