Ugh, the past few days have been busy!

On tuesday I was scheduled to work at 8am, so I had to drag myself out of bed at 6:30am after watching [Adult Swim] ’till 1am the night before so I’d have time to get ready and get to work on time. Turns out noone else gets there until 8:30, so I spend a half hour waiting around in the student mall.

8:30 rolls around and Rori has me service observe her calls, and then she transfers people over to me to log the calls into Helpline. The very first call I log, I forget to assign to a group, which basically means that EVERYONE with a Helpline account gets an email expressing how stupid “helpdesk3” is. Luckely we haven’t been assigned our own accounts yet 🙂

Calls went pretty well, Rori said she liked the way I handled the calls and I was logging them well. I made a few more mistakes (forgot to ask someone their name so I couldn’t log the call, etc.) but it was my first day so whatever.

Then I walked from work to the Newark Car Care Center to pick up my car and drove home, got back around 5pm. Made food and passed out. Watched Adult Swim again.

Wednesday I got up at around 11am (still exhausted from the lack of sleep I’ve been getting) for work at 1. I get to work, and Rori’s not in, so I just get to service observe the other calls. Will called Telecom and bitched them out about blocking people’s MAC addressess, it was funny. Brian came in at the end of my shift, so I looked him up in helpline and made fun of his service requests, then we went back to my apartment to hang out for a while.

I’m trying to drive Brian to the subway on time so he can catch his train back to Princeton and the traffic in Newark is horrible! I tried desperatly to take back roads (which are scary in Newark) to avoid it, but no luck, so I offered to drive him home on my way to visit Jay at his grandparents. Came back home, ate, drove brian home, called Jay for directions.

Jay is currently staying with his grandparents in the middle of nowhere, aka Tom’s River. It’s like a million miles down rt 9, and then a million miles down tiny little south jersey roads, which are the scariest kinds of roads. Got to Jay’s grandparents’ house, and only missed 2 turns! w00t! We played some Final Fantasy 7, Gil came over, we watched more [Adult Swim], then it was time to go home. I left around 1:30am.

On the way back, I turned the wrong way onto rt 37. Before I could fix my mistake, I ran into a circle! And as if that wasn’t bad enough, I then ran into another circle, making me even more lost. I ended up on rt. 70, which is the scariest, most desolate highway I’ve ever been on. It was completly straight, no curves or turns, and completly surrounded by trees and nothing else, not even any traffic lights or street lights. I couldn’t even turn around! So I’m on there for a while, finally run into a traffic light, and pull a Newark U-Turn in it to make my way back. Brian calls my cell and asks some silly linux question, but it was good to have someone to talk to when I was in the middle of nowhere. Finally make my way back to rt 37, go the other way on it, and find the street I was supposed to turn on. I was uber happy when I found rt 9 again! Took 9 to the parkway to the turnpike to 280 to home, got home at around 3:30AM. Got up at 11am for class at 1.

Just got out of class now, haven’t checked my email in 2 days, 85 unread messages. And another class at 6pm. Ugh.