Where are the wires?

W00t! Hi from the living room! This is the first time my PowerBook has been wireless in my house. I set up one of my linux machines as a bluetooth access point. It’s not nearly as fast as wifi, but I’m still not about to drop a hundred bucks on a new router.

Random AIM quote

Sam: *shrug* straight guys seem to think lesbians will want to have sex with them, so they’re no better. lol
Gil: holy crap, that made sense entirely

Shiney Red

W00t! The replacement housing for my SonyEricsson T616 came today!

Lickable Squares

The Mac version of DCSquares is starting to catch up to the Windows version again:

Here, themall, have a trophy

I was holiday shopping at the mall and I found a really cool candle:

It looks a lot better on my desk than the stack of papers that it replaced.

Jay-Sam Day!

So yesterday I got to spend the day with Jay, who I haven’t seen in 3 months. It was great! We walked around the mall a bit, and chilled with his uncle + family for a birthday party. They had yummy food and even yummier ice-cream cake! He also got a haircut, so his hair isn’t boring and chicago anymore. He’s been pretty busy with work, so hopefully we’ll get to spend more time together in the future.

768MB rocks!

Right now my PowerBook is running Finder, Firefox, Mail, iTerm, AdiumX, BluePhoneElite, XCode, MythTV, XJournal, WeatherMenu, Salling Clicker, MenuCalendarClock, and a few other random things, and I’m not feeling any slowdown 🙂

Yay for memory upgrades!