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Ugh! So I’ve been out of allergy meds since Friday, and I was fine all weekend.. Brian and I were even driving around with the windows down and my eyes were a little itchy but nothing unbearable. Until I was trying to fall asleep last night.. my nose started running. I woke up this morning and I’m not any better.. my eyes are watery and itchey and I’m sneezing. Today is gonna suck.

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So, I haven’t made a public post in a while, i suppose I probably should at some point.

Things have been pretty busy with DCSquares lately. We’re working hard on a major update, as well as an additional project that we’ll mention as it comes closer to being released.

Things have also been pretty busy at work. The projects I’m working on there are nearing completion, and then it’s time for me to look for another job. Jay has suggested looking for employment in CA so we can be roommates again, and it’s definitely something I’m considering.

Speaking of the west coast, I recently discovered that an old friend of mine, Samantha, has a LiveJournal account! She’s a really awesome chick, and I’m proud to share the same first name as her. I look forward to chatting with her, and hopefully more of our old group of friends sometime.

Finally, I’ve uploaded some more photos of New Zealand to my flickr account. This batch is from a trip my whole family took (me, carly, mom, dad, grandma, aunt roberta) to various places in NZ. This is probably the last batch of photos I’ll be scanning in, because it’s a PITA and I’d like to start putting more of my own photos on there instead of my Dad’s.

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