So I made a short (30 sec) movie with my magnets scene: (3.6MB)


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  1. totally49

    Pretty cool work – how long did that take to make/render, then?

    1. admin

      Creating the scene + learning how to use Blender took around 2 days. It takes around 1.5 mins to render each frame * 400 frames = 10 hours. I let it render while I was asleep / at work, so I don’t know exactly how long it took. I’m gonna look into how to render over the network so I can split the load across my two machines.

      Adding the title / images and then compressing the movie with iMovie took like 5 minutes.

      1. totally49

        Oh, can it do that nifty network distributed processing thingy? I’m sure that’ll make it a whole load quicker. So, 400 frames, 30 seconds – its running at about 13 FPS in presentation? Pretty smooth.

        So, whats with the animation anyway? Just doing it out of interest, or have you got future career prospects in mind?

        1. admin

          yep 15 FPS.

          I was bored, really. Every week I get an email from VersionTracker about what software has been update during the week, and I saw a program called Cheetah 3D that looked pretty cool. I made the first image with that, but it was shareware so I couldn’t save it. Then I was curious about what the Blender project had been up to since it went open source, so I played around with it over the weekend, and a movie came out 😛 Actually, suggested I make a movie after seeing the other four pictures I sent him.

          1. totally49

            Heh, you made a good job at those pics – I didn’t even realise they were from two different programs, although I guess you could tell that the first one doesn’t have much anti-aliasing.

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