I don’t get it

11:09:45 AM eric: but the printer is going to be attached to the linux machine
11:10:07 AM eric: and I want to print from a windows box
11:13:08 AM eric: looks like it will be another fun afternoon trying to get this worked out 🙂
11:13:28 AM sam: or you could just share it from a Windows box 😛
11:13:49 AM eric: thats what we have now….but we want to be ableto password it and monitor wtuff
11:13:55 AM eric: and winblows sucks that that
11:14:13 AM sam: er… windows 2000 can do that just fine?
11:14:32 AM sam: use ACLs and auditing
11:14:35 AM eric: we only have xp….and maybe 2k3 server
11:14:46 AM sam: both of those are the same as 2000 😛
11:14:46 AM eric: all that is above me 🙁

So let me get this straight.. if this guy can’t handle clicking a few buttons in Windows to password protect his printer, how does he expect to be able to edit 3 cryptic configuration files in Linux to accomplish his task?

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  1. maybe he just really really really doesnt like windows?

    1. That’s silly, though. You should choose the right tool for the job. He’s got a bunch of Windows-only workstations that want to print to a laser printer. The right tool for this job would be a Windows box sharing the printer, so the other workstations can take advantage of “point and print” which automatically pulls the drivers off the server and installs them for you.

      Oddly enough, he did manage to get the linux solution working.

  2. RAWR!

    Don’t judge too quickly. We’re not all on the same level of computer superintelligence that you’ve achieved. ^_^

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