Xbox Schmexbox

To spice up the online aspects of DreamZZT, I’m playing around with an XBox Live-style achievements system:

Aside from a score bonus, completed tasks would also be viewable on the web. Of course, the tasks will be a bit more challenging when it’s out of testing 😛

The tasks runs independent of the ZZT game, so they can be added to any game without modifying the original game file.

Some of the more realistic tasks I have in mind for Town:

  • Talk to a tree (touch the ZZT-OOP object named “tree” or whatever that tree’s name is)
  • Crack the safe (Walk into the bank vault area where the gems are, probably by defining a box the player walks through. Or collecting the purple key inside the safe.)
  • Find the combination (No more invisible walls on the board with the bank vault combination)
  • Bear Hunt (Kill x bears, need to count how many are in the game and come up with a reasonable amount to kill)
  • Treasure Hunt (same as above, but with gems. Probably more than 3.)
  • And? (touch the “Congratulations! You found an ampersand!” object)

I’m sure I’ll come up with more once I get further into it.