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To spice up the online aspects of DreamZZT, I’m playing around with an XBox Live-style achievements system:

Aside from a score bonus, completed tasks would also be viewable on the web. Of course, the tasks will be a bit more challenging when it’s out of testing 😛

The tasks runs independent of the ZZT game, so they can be added to any game without modifying the original game file.

Some of the more realistic tasks I have in mind for Town:

  • Talk to a tree (touch the ZZT-OOP object named “tree” or whatever that tree’s name is)
  • Crack the safe (Walk into the bank vault area where the gems are, probably by defining a box the player walks through. Or collecting the purple key inside the safe.)
  • Find the combination (No more invisible walls on the board with the bank vault combination)
  • Bear Hunt (Kill x bears, need to count how many are in the game and come up with a reasonable amount to kill)
  • Treasure Hunt (same as above, but with gems. Probably more than 3.)
  • And? (touch the “Congratulations! You found an ampersand!” object)

I’m sure I’ll come up with more once I get further into it.

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  1. That is awesome, man!

  2. That actually looks really fun! 😀

  3. Checksum

    Have DreamZZT take a checksum of the world and submit that along with the score. If the checksum doesn’t match the recorded checksum, the file has been changed, and you should not allow the score to be recorded.

    Flaws in this system I see:
    – It is possible, although unlikely, to have hash collisions. Using the world filename ALONG with a hash will help minimize this.
    – It would be trivial to send the expected hash instead of the REAL hash, especially from an external application like PuTTY. You could also send a hash of the DreamZZT EXE, but this too would be subject to the same possible sabatoge. Oh well, only so much you can do before it becomes too much of a bother…

  4. awesome ^_^

    i wish you could’ve stayed longer too =(

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