New Features
* French translation by Yann Jouanique and Laurent Desmonceaux
* Display lyrics stored in IDv3 tag if present
* Localize the display of numbers and dates
* Display the remaining time instead of the duration
* Improved events view layout

Bug Fixes
* Better detection of tapping vs. scrolling in the playback view
* Hide the gender field if empty
* Center the radio station title
* Resize the UIScrollerView when switching between views
* Use an alternate method of displaying the profile image
* Use an alternate method of detecting wifi connection, avoids a crash if CommCenter service has been stopped on an iPhone (you must disable EDGE usage in the preferences first if you intend to stop CommCenter)

It should be available in Community Sources shortly.

Edit: There was a problem with 1.2.2 running on firmware 1.1.1. This issue has been resolved, please upgrade to version 1.2.2a.