omg awesome!

omg awesome!

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You there! You with the xterm open on your screen somewhere! Also you there running putty.exe! Do this right now. Just trust me. Do it. You will smile 🙂

1) open a new terminal.
2) telnet
3) smile!

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  1. Alex King

    All I'm getting is:

    Select a mode:
    1 xterm 256-color compatible mode (best)
    2 xterm standard-color mode (good)
    3 linux + blink attribute (okay)
    4 standard ansi terminal (ugly)
    Your selection:
    Even if I make a selection 🙁

  2. Sam Steele

    Hmm, I guess it's not auto detecting your terminal type? Works for me on Mac OS X. It's a super cute nyan cat ASCII animation 🙂

  3. Sam Steele

    I think it might've gotten overloaded, just tried it again in Terminal and it's not working anymore 🙁

    The star wars one is great too!

  4. Alex King

    I tried it again from a different computer and was able to get through. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sam Steele

    Listen on the telnet port and output ANSI color / cursor control codes (or whatever terminal type) when a client connects

  6. Tim Sell

    Terminal on osx failed, but iTerm2 work 🙂

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