Wow, the new Google+ app is ugly! The new app icon sucks and the number in the notification…

Wow, the new Google+ app is ugly! The new app icon sucks and the number in the notification box isn't centered. But at least they've added a compose button to the dashboard activity so you don't have to hit Stream first to post something. Also, why can't I use the native photo picker when posting? The instant upload is great, but I can't post anything from another album on my phone.

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  1. I think they have a little UI thread creep in the new "now typing" feature for Messenger too. I've been noticing serious keyboard lag, and just overall poor responsiveness on and off.

  2. If there are things you don't like, send us feedback!

  3. +Alex King but it's so much easier to just complain about things here! 🙂

  4. Heh, the mobile feedback survey asks "Have you ever hesitated to post?" Was so tempted to write "yes, because I'm a socially-awkward nerd"

  5. +Robert Cooper are we supposed to stop using long-press menus?

    +Sam Steele I guess the whole point is that, at some point, Talk and Messenger will be the same thing. Isn't that right, +Alex King?

  6. +David Prieto That is what they were saying with Honeycomb — the little tick-style context menus like they have in the HC/ICS music app was supposed to be the new recommendation for context menus because long-press confused the average user (which seems true-ish).

  7. I don't know what they are thinking with it, honestly. The "Let's Do It Just Like Facebook" app wasn't great, but the UI seems to get more and more disjointed with each release. Also, they keep adding stuff under long-press context menus which they have been telling us to stop using(?) If search is a whole activity, why not put it in that last main nav spot and not jumble it in the ActionBar?

    (And it would still be great if they would put the "Send" button in the same place everywhere they use it, and put the mangled notifications box on every screen, or even better, put a HC+ notification that has the red box in the actual notification area, rather than a one liner about the last notification you got. And use C2DM for that rather than polling. And… oh, nevermind.)

  8. I wish they would just improve Google Talk instead of bothering with Messenger. I would like to be able to send pictures etc. to people I actually chat with on Talk, I don't know anybody that actually uses Messenger.

  9. I acutally use Messenger aggrressively with several groups of friend who I used to use Beluga aggressively with. It's pretty good at what it does, but the lack of a web client is a pretty big miss on Google's part.

  10. I upgraded my phone today .. I don't think it'sreally changed with the exception I can now do "check-ins" …

  11. +Scott Ferguson I don't get that either. There was a web client when it was call "Huddle." I don't get why they turned it off.

  12. Yeah. There used to be a green "Huddle" button next to the "Start a Hangout" button when they first launched the website. Again, that is just weird.

  13. Damn, well at least that probably means they'll bring it back at some point. Right now it definitely doesn't get enough love.

  14. It might be easier +Sam Steele, but it's not necessarily more effective 😉

  15. Not updating my app until the ugly goes away.

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