I'm so going to win today's Bug Off! #AnimalCrossing #ACNL

I'm so going to win today's Bug Off! #AnimalCrossing #ACNL

I’m so going to win today’s Bug Off!

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  1. CJ Brice

    I like your hat and headphones, haven't seen them yet.  My Oak Silk Moth got 119 and my friend's Birdwing got 123, it's not over yet!  Good luck 😮

  2. Sam Steele

    Wow, nice! I wish I had saved some of the fireflies I was catching and selling last night to pay off Tom Nook, I wonder how many points they would have been worth 🙁

  3. CJ Brice

    The Island looks pretty promising for catching bugs, that's where I caught my moth.  I have yet to catch a Birdwing sadly, maybe I should get to work haha.

  4. Sam Steele

    Ah, I haven't unlocked the island in my town yet.  Looking forward to checking that out in a few days!

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