Over the weekend, I converted my garden monitoring microcontroller from #MicroPython to #ESPHome.

The controller is a M5StickC-Plus with temperature, humidity, air pressure sensors, and IR thermometer attached via I²C. The button on the front records the timestamp when plant food is added. #HomeAssistant adjusts the LCD backlight automatically using a nearby Zigbee motion sensor.

Firmware is on Github: https://github.com/c99koder/m5stickc-aerogarden​

ESPHome makes it much easier to add additional sensors in the future, I’ve already got a few ideas already! I was hoping it could work as a Bluetooth proxy for #HomeAssistant too, however the device doesn’t have enough RAM to run the display, WiFi, and Bluetooth scanner at the same time.

#gardening #microcontroller #esp32​