(23:49:48) Sam Steele: dating sims are silly and japanese
(23:50:44) Keinall Caddle: yes, but its the japenese part that i like. plus, i want to find out what kaolla does when i help her build the robot…
(23:51:01) Sam Steele: I always build robots when I go on a date
(23:51:17) Keinall Caddle: and the chicks in this one… love hina dating sim… are crazier than anyone i’ve met in real life. but only overtly so.
(23:51:28) Keinall Caddle: really? u build robots?
(23:51:55) Sam Steele: all time time! I’m building 9387 of them as we speak! it’ll be an army of them to take over Newark
(23:52:23) Keinall Caddle: now, if u did cocaine and loved turtles, u’d me just like kaolla.
(23:52:38) Keinall Caddle: well, u’d have to a an anime-style sprite too, i guess. but whatever.
(23:53:01) Sam Steele: koala sounds like a loser. or a bear from Australia.
(23:53:06) Keinall Caddle: well, ttyl, i’m gonna go lie down for a bit with kao– um, well, alone, since kaolla is not real, and my pretend wife is not here.
(23:53:19) Sam Steele: nite